syniadau:dillad, costwm

syniadau ynglyn a dy ‘outfit’!

(mae Weimar Republic yn ddysgu Cymraeg)

Weimar Republic, Berlin 1919-1933: cyfnod diddorol iawn!

checio allan siopau elissen  (That vintage shop’)  a siopau ‘vintage’ ym Mangor ac yn Nghaernarfon.(Y Gist Dillad 01286 676227)-

1) dillad noson  1920s/1930s.

syniadau, lluniau

2) dillad cabare

meddlwch am Lisa Minelli in Cabaret, Marlene Dietrich. fasech chi isio mwy gwybodaeth ynglyn a perfformwyr y cyfnod, ‘clicwch’ yma: Anita Berber  Ilse Bois  Renate Muller

3) sci -fi: Metropolis.

mae’r ffilm ‘Metropolis’ yn rhan o’r cyfnod

4) iwnifformau/lifrai

(gobeithio wnai cyfeithu y text i llawr yn fuan!)

Uniforms are another good look, especially for evening wear for men (ebay has them quite cheaply). Its an interesting fact that some members of the Nazi party frequented the Weimar nightclubs, especially given that in later years the Nazis declared them ‘subversive’, shut them down and many performers were in fact sent to the concentration camps because of their sexuality and political beliefs-see the sad fate of the cabaret performer Paul O Montis. These were very dark times. The politics of wearing uniforms today are of course complicated but from the POV of costume and authentic look, they are extremely authentic to wear and quite easy to get hold of.


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