costume ideas and images

images and inspiration for your evening outfit!

the Weimar Republic era in Berlin spanned the period 1919-1933. This was an extremely creative, politically subversive, and exciting period of history.

See the ‘About’ page for more on the cultural, political, social and economic period of the era.

top tips for fashion: ( i will add more, keep coming back! and keep scrolling down…more pics if you keep scrolling past the gap!!)

check out charity shops of course!, some great stuff out there. For those of you wanting to splurge a little, there are vintage shops in bangor (That vintage shop’) and caernarfon .(Y Gist Dillad 01286 676227)- lovely stuff at reasonable prices,  i was in there yesterday coveting vintage wraps and strings of pearls…

1) ladies and gents late 20’s/early 30’s evening wear. This is certainly going to be what I wear on the night- something very opulent and stylish, a full length dress which i will make as contemporary- looking as possible with its most basic; women; bias cut full length dresses, often backless; men -tailcoats, and white waistcoats, or cummerbunds instead of waistcoats; often white bow tie and white waistcoat together. good website here for overviews; 

some stunning womens dresses made by a contemporary dress designer here

2) ‘classic cabaret’ look.

think Lisa Minelli in Cabaret, Marlene Dietrich. As you can see from some of these images, they look extremely modern and contemporary.  Acts such as the incredible performers Anita Berber  Ilse Bois and Renate Muller were subversive in every sense; their acts encompassed nudity, cross dressing, lesbianism. For the very daring, inspiration for costume? I think the women in mens evening wear look is very sexy and glam! Some pics are below and more info will follow!





3) sci -fi: Metropolis.

talking of modern- looking, the classic film Metropolis is from this era. Its amazing to think how futuristic this look was!









4) left wingers/struggling artists/artisans/the unemployed/the working classes

i think this look might be good for some people (maybe men!) as an alternative to very posh evening wear- you could go as a left wing member of the working classes/ the unemployed/struggling artists . some very interesting background here particularly about the economic crash in the mid 1920s. See also the film Metropolis for political commentary- workers as cogs in a machine (as in one of the pics below).

5) uniforms.

Uniforms are another good look, especially for evening wear for men (ebay has them quite cheaply). Its an interesting fact that some members of the Nazi party frequented the Weimar nightclubs, especially given that in later years the Nazis declared them ‘subversive’, shut them down and many performers were in fact sent to the concentration camps because of their sexuality and political beliefs-see the sad fate of the cabaret performer Paul O Montis. These were very dark times. The politics of wearing uniforms today are of course complicated but from the POV of costume and authentic look, they are extremely authentic to wear and quite easy to get hold of.


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